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Chocolate Gelato
Freshest ingredients
fresh kiwi gelato - The Knotted cone
blood orange gelato
fresh fruit gelato appleton wi
Coffee Gelato Recipe
Fresh raspberry sorbet


Gelato is such a unique dessert. We can literally take almost any ingredient and make a new recipe. That is what makes our job so creative. Every recipe we create is completely from scratch. We seek out the highest quality raw ingredients, balance out the recipes, and test them for the correct texture & taste.

We source locally as many ingredients as possible and for those we cannot, much research is spent finding ingredients we feel proud serving our customers. We have a lot of pride in the products we use because not only are we using authentic fresh ingredients, but you can truly taste the difference.

To us it really matters. If a flavor is strawberry it should be made with real strawberries and taste like real strawberries. If a flavor is hazelnut, we use 100% pure hazelnut paste from Italy’s Piedmonte region and it will taste like rich roasted hazelnuts. Our chocolates come from Belgium, France, & Italy, our cones are made in Eastern Italy, our milk & cream is sourced right here in Wisconsin…you get the point.

All we’re saying is we don’t add any preservatives to our products. We’re not adding any imitation colors, flavors, or ingredients. We’re sticking with only the real stuff. Because we think that’s the way it should be!

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