Crafted in Wisconsin. Inspired by Italy.



Gelato is a milk & cream based product. Each recipe is balanced with less sugar & less fat than ice cream is. It is made of 75% fresh ingredients and the remaining 25% is called overrun (or air). In order to minimize the amount of air, the liquid recipe is slowly churned as the product is frozen. This is what gives gelato it’s unique rich flavor and dense velvety texture.

The key to making excellent recipes is balance and using high quality products. These two combined will keep the correct consistency, flavor & creamy mouth feel. In addition, Gelato is served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream. This helps prevent sugar crystals from forming in the product and making it feel “icy” on the palette. 




Sorbetto or sorbet is a water based product. Many of the recipes are fruit flavors, but the options are always endless. If the recipe uses fruit, it consists almost always of 50% fresh fruit, cut, diced & blended into the mix. Sorbet contains a combination of different kinds of sugars to help create a soft smooth texture and allows for the correct freezing point while it is produced. Like gelato the liquid recipe is churned at a slow regulated speed. This process keeps the frozen ice crystals very fine & also allows for less air incorporation into the sorbet. These factors create an almost creamy texture to the palette and a slightly warmer mouth feel. 

Sorbet is a good option for those who are Lactose Intolerant as there is no milk or cream. 

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