A Tid Bit of the Story


Once Upon A Time…

(in March 2015 to be exact)… I, Kathy Turek, booked a ticket to Europe. I boarded a plane with one of my best friends and the next thing I knew, I was walking on cobblestone streets trying to stay upright with an oversized backpack and explore new countries. Talk about adventure! There was undoubtedly way too many laughs and fun experiences, but one really memorable day was spent in Rome.

Trekking around in the hot sun, my friends and I stumbled on a small gelato shop with a line of Italian businessmen wrapped around the building. At this point, if the dark haired gorgeous men in tailored suits weren’t enticing enough, the smell of homemade waffle cones & fresh gelato pulled me in the door.

The gelato was scooped on the cone, melted chocolate was drizzled on top, and fresh vanilla whip cream finished it off. After one lick, my friends and I mutually agreed this was the best dessert ever and we all continued to rave about it the rest of the trip.

Coming home, I shared all of my crazy travel stories with my family and friends, but frankly, would not shut up about how good this ‘gelato’ stuff was. This talk went on for a few months and finally my Dad convinced me to do some research. Come to find out, there was an entire University dedicated to learning about gelato, how to make it, and the art of this Italian craft. Research went on and the decision was made to make gelato my next big adventure.


In February 2016…

I repacked that oversized backpack, I flew off to Bologna, Italy to attend Carpigiani Gelato University. While I was there, I was training under professional Italian gelato chefs & working alongside gelato entrepreneurs from across the globe. I spent days learning techniques for artisan recipes & creating high quality gelato. During hands on practice, I learned how to properly balance formulas, create my own unique recipes, and perfect the texture of gelato.

Following school, I spent 2 extra weeks doing some recon & research back in Rome, exploring shops & getting to meet with the original shop owner that inspired me. I took notes on building ideas, machinery being used, and of course tried too many gelato samples. I flew home with all my certificates in hand and that’s when this whim of an idea really became a reality.

April 2016, the LLC papers for The Knotted Cone Gelato Co. were signed (a little scary, but awesome at the same time) and then months were spent building the foundation for The Knotted Cone.

September 1, 2016 was the first gelato selling day and as of today the rest of the story continues to be written. It’s been a crazy awesome ride thus far and who knows, a girl can always dream that someday there will be a line of Italian businessmen waiting for my gelato!