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Serving Gelato

Light, temperature, & oxygen. The goal is always to reduce these three gelato enemies as much as possible. In order to do that, we need the right equipment and the right tools. The Knotted Cone’s customized gelato truck was built specifically for serving this Italian treat and we’re proud to say it is our pride and joy.

The serving counter or “Pozzetti Counter” installed inside the truck came directly from Italy. It has a liquid coolant that runs throughout the entire base and keeps the serving temperature of gelato consistent. With stainless steel lids for each canister, we can control the amount of light & oxygen that our products are susceptible to. Our number one concern is always keeping the gelato texture correct and keeping exceptional flavor. The other pieces of equipment on the truck have the same idea in mind; keep the right texture & keep the right flavor. We’re always serving a freshly made product and the truck is our biggest tool in helping the gelato stay that way.

We bring the truck out on the road as much as we can, and if you’re looking to see where we are you can follow us on social media or find out where our next event will be here. Also if you have a large event and would like include The Knotted Cone’s gelato in the festivities, click here to check out our private catering options.

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