To our dear & loyal fans,

If you’ve read the homepage, you probably know a little about how this company started, but what you probably don’t know is why I, Kathy Turek, actually started it…what am I doing this for, who am I doing it for, and why do I feel so passionate about it.

This entire gelato idea started off on a wild whim, but for me that whim has been the most exciting part! I asked myself from the very beginning…”Why not start a company? Why not make it gelato? Why not fly off to Italy to learn it?” And mainly “Why not just go for it?”  

Am I Italian? Nope. Do I have a degree in culinary arts? Nope. Ever owned a company? Nope. But in reality, I figured, what was stopping me…Right? I found something I fell in love with, I knew with the right skill set I could make it happen, and most importantly I wanted to share my awesome experience with all of you.

Why Knot? has become one of The Knotted Cone’s catch phrases, but for me it’s really why I enjoy what I’m doing. Why Knot make dessert for a living? Why Knot become part of people’s best celebrations? Why Knot create a unique experience for customers? Gelato is a simple joy in life, but the picture is bigger than that, so Why Knot just go for it?

My mission is simple…To make gelato & sorbetto with the purest quality & goodness in every scoop. And that holds true for everything from my gelato to our service and beyond. I have worked extremely hard learning & researching, building this delicious company, and pouring every single ounce of myself into it. 

My hope is that everyone who visits the truck leaves with a smile, a delicious treat in their hand, and has an experience that keeps them coming back! Thank you for supporting us & sharing the love for what we do!

Buon Appetito!

Kathy Turek

Owner, The Knotted Cone

Knotted Cone